Tart Pops


Strain: (Skunk x Tangie x Zkittlez) x Purple Punch
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Indica: 30% | Sativa: 70%
Height: Tall
Stretch Percentage: 100-200%
Flavours: Woody/Fruity/Earthy/Lemon
Difficulty: Moderate

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Lemon frosting, floral cherry blossoms, fruit baskets and earth THC/CBG rich, Delta8, THCv, CBDa.

Smells range from Sour Lemon Frosting and cake to Earthy clay cake with a lemon/perfume smells.
Great for daily use, activities, social situations. Very good for chronic pain, headaches, and most tension related issues. Very calming but uplifting.
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