Purple Queen


Strain: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
THC Level: 22%
Flowering Time: 8-11 weeks
Indica: 75% | Sativa: 25%
Yield: Indoor : 450-500g/m2 ; Outdoor: 650-700gr/plant
Height: short
Stretch Percentage: <100%
Flavours: Citrus/Diesel/Kush/Pine
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

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Purple Queen is a 75% indica strain that was bred from various purple phenotypes of mountain Kush strains originating in the Hindu Kush. This is a fantastic vibrant purple Kush hybrid with intoxicating aromas and a completely knock-out indica stone. Expect an attack of the munchies with this one – if you can get to the ‘fridge!

Cultivation indoors as well as outdoors will result in a supply of gorgeous, gooey buds. These plants rarely grow much taller than 100 cm. or so indoors although they will fill out laterally developing into a veritable bush. She reacts well to any growing medium or method and organic or hydro she will devour just about any amount of nutes that is given. After a 7 – 8 week flowering period indoors yields of 450 – 500 gr/m2 dried weight will be the prize. Outdoors, even in temperate climates, this strain will thrive producing yields as high as 650 – 700 gr/plant in mid-September having reached a height of approximately 200 cm.

The perfume is highly pungent and resembles a mixture of pine and diesel-fuel with a citrus twist. THC production is very good at 22% with minimal CBD. The effect is very smooth and relaxes the whole body enabling the consumer to float off into a dram workd of their choice.