Pineapple Haze


Strain: (Afghani x Skunk #1) x Haze
THC Level: %22
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
Indica: 35% | Sativa: 65%
Yield: Indoors 600-700gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 1500gr/plant
Height: High
Stretch Percentage: 100%
Flavours: Pineaplle/Citrus/Tropical
Difficulty: Moderate

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Pineapple Haze is a 65% sativa strain that is the result of bringing together the earthiness of the Afghan x Skunk #1 hybrid with the superbly spicy Old School Haze of legend. High yields are a feature of this plant which outdoors can be extremely high. Its resistance to mold and powdery mildew means that its area of cultivability is wide.

Grown indoors under lights average yields are in the region of 600 gr/m2 in a 65 – 70 days flowering period. This can be increased, however, simply by vegging the plants longer resulting in bigger plants. The average height range is between 120 – 140 cm. Outdoors it is possible to harvest as much as 1500 gr. of dried buds with harvest time falling during October. This is not the problem that it might be with some strains simply due to its high mold resistance in damp conditions. If growing in hydroponics the EC level should not exceed 1.7 for the best results.

The taste is predominantly of pineapple as would be expected from its name and the effect is simply gloriously cerebral and clear providing mental energy and lifting mood.