Lemon Sorbet


Strain: Black Lime Og (Black Lime Reserve #5 x Hells Angel OG) x Dolato
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Indica: 90% | Sativa: 10%
Height: Medium/Tall
Stretch Percentage: 100%
Flavours: Woody/Skunky/Lemon/Pine
Difficulty: Moderate

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Lemon Sorbet is a distantly popular Hybrid strain that many people fail to consider, leaving some feeling somewhat Sleepy and Giggly. Things aren’t running too good for you? Feel somewhat sad and discouraged? Then Lemon Sorbet will grant you with cheer and joyous sensations. You will be captivated to know that Lemon Sorbet sits above 90% of strains that induce happiness. Need some vitality and high levels of energy? Then you’re going to be enthusiastic about finding that Lemon Sorbet is in the top 10% of strains for its sustainment during mental and physical activities. Whether your rising to the top of the corporate ladder, or just need to focus on a project or skill, Lemon Sorbet will take you on a satisfying ride of limitless potential. There’s a reason it’s positioned in the top 10% of strains that activate attention. One of the most frequent claims about cannabis is that it relieves stress and helps one to unwind, that’s why many Lemon Sorbet enthusiasts prefer this strain as a relaxant. Many ” Lemon Sorbet ” users have associated the elimination of “pain ” utilizing this strain.

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