Garlic Sherbet 6 pack


Strain: GMO x Blue Sherbet
Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
Indica: 65% | Sativa: 35%
Height: Tall
Stretch Percentage: 100-200%
Flavours: Garlic/Chem/Cookies/Classic Gassy Rubber
Difficulty: Moderate

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A mouth-watering strain great for insomnia and eating disorders.
Garlic Sherbet offers a marvelous mix, birthed from the crossing of GMO and Blue Sherbet; both strains also premium & potent in their own right. However, this cross delivers a delightful flavour alongside even better effects. As you may expect, the terp profile mimics garlic, chem and cookies with a classic gassy rubber aroma. Furthermore, users note a relaxing yet energizing effect, leaving them loose and nimble. Caring growers should expect rewards of medium/high yields and a flowering time of just 65-70 days, with a tall stretch.
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