Dina Med CBD


Strain: Pure CBD 4 x Pure CBD 4
THC Level: 0.4-0.6%
CBD Level: 10-14%
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Indica: 40% | Sativa: 60%
Yield: 500g/m2
Height: Tall
Stretch Percentage: 100-200%
Flavours: Fruity/Orange/Sweet
Difficulty: Moderate
Awards: 1st prize in the category “Flor” at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016, held in Cadiz.

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Dinamed CBD is the result of a stringent and thorough selection process over a two year period following the crossing of two Pure CBD 4 plants. It is 60% sativa, 40% indica. It won 1st prize in the category “Flor” at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016, held in Cadiz.

This strain is Dinamed’s first 100% therapeutic cannabis strain.  It produces about 14% CBD with THC at an amazingly low 0.5%! This suggests that it is non-psychoactive.  It is especially recommended for treating the symptoms of stress, nausea, inflammation, muscle tension, convulsions and even extreme forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome.  It is also suitable for those who want to use cannabis to relax without any powerful psycho-active effects.

This high-CBD strain has the appearance of a sativa-dominant plant with long, thin leaves and well-developed side-branches with an average inter-nodal distance. It is closely related to the medicinal strain Dancehall, the origin of Pure CBD 4 line. Where night-time temperatures drop significantly it will display lovely purple colours. This strain has far fewer glandular trichomes on the small leaves and buds due to its low THC production. In contrast it does have far more tiny basal trichomes which secrete CBD.

As a sativa-dominant strain it can become very tall.  Indoor growers should veg for a short time only. A training regime to control vertical growth can also be used. Organic fertiliser is best for this plant.  Yields are impressive with 500 gr/m2 being usual in 60 days of flowering. Plants grown outdoors can grow to reach 3 meters in height yielding as much as 1 kg./plant.

Dinamed CBD has a very sweet, fruity, orange flavour and aroma.  It offers a comfortable, relaxing experience because of its high CBD and virtually no THC value, . In respect of consumption it is preferable to use a vaporiser or to make extracts rather than smoke it.