Critical Kush


Strain: Critical Mass x OG Kush
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 1.8%
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Indica: 80% | Sativa: 20%
Yield: Indoor 550g/m2 Outdoor: 500-550 gr/plant
Height: Short-Medium
Stretch Percentage: 100%
Flavours: Kush/Earth/Pungent/Pine/Sweet
Difficulty: Moderate

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Critical Kush takes its genetics from its two parent strains Critical Mass and Barney’s own OG Kush plant. This is a potent indica cannabis strain that grows vigorously during the vegetative period.

It is a medium-sized plant, growing to a height of 100 – 110 cm. It does well in all growing environments, especially indoors where it will produce yields of 650 gr/m2 in 55 – 60 days flowering. Outdoors and in a greenhouse, plants will be fully mature by the end of September in the northern hemisphere.

Large amounts of resin are produced making buds extremely sticky when fresh. Laboratory tests reveal a THC level of 25% with 1.8% CBD. The aroma and perfume are somewhat earthy and very typically Kush-like. This potent marijuana is an ideal evening smoke as it is a perfect relaxant and its pain-relieving properties only enhance its efficacy as a therapeutic strain of cannabis.